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White Spine Shore
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White Spine Shore i asked my friend for something weird, cool, lo-fi and underappreciated/obscure - i am not disappointed! thanks for the inspiring music ~
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spencer really interesting use of glitchy self-sampling, drum machines, and noise/acoustic juxtaposition. all of that on top of really nicely written songs. Favorite track: pure bubblegum.
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i tried to make this a cohesive album rather than a collection of songs.
i am quite proud of it. tell me what you think.
download it, because most of the songs flow into each other real nice.
if you like it, please tell your friends.
thank you very much for listening.

dedicated with much love to the memory of Honey Boy

"2 DOGS & punctured" video:

"FREE" video:


released June 22, 2017

all songs written, performed, and recorded by billy noon.

written and recorded in the noon basement from like may 2016 to like may 2017.



all rights reserved


Grave Architecture Hamilton Township, New Jersey

all sounds made by billy noon


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Track Name: 2 DOGS
i couldn't see what Ashley saw
i'm on the porch and she's layin on the lawn
i couldn't see what Ashley saw
under a roof and i got it all wrong

i couldn't see through the electrical wires
ran through my eyes, red, and my body 4 miles
ran down the stairs and into her smile
she sees in colors and she laughs like a child

i couldn't see what Ashley saw
chasin birds and layin on the lawn
i couldn't see what Ashley saw
we are both dogs we are all only dogs
Track Name: punctured [[leaves]]
they forget about the middle
when theyre brown and theyre brittle

and the warmth of the pile
punctured in their middles
Track Name: made of ice cream
he won't know
where i am
he will howl
lick his hands
and he sleeps
and he cries
he runs and
catches flies

and i tell him things he don't understand
but he still knows more than i do
when he draws blood on my hands
when he draws blood on my hands

and he tells me things i don't understand
but he still licks me like i am
and he tells me things i don't understand
but he still licks me like i am

made of ice cream

i was made of ice cream
Track Name: puzzle piece
want you to cave in my space helmet
while im floating in your orbit
so i never have to see the sun rise over any other planet

want you to drown me in your riverbed
and waterlog my fingertips
so we never have to be dehydrated

my puzzle piece
Track Name: is it air force?
hello you must be
a daydream
from italy

holding me
in lithium sleep
in lithium dreams

cortex: pre frontal
is trying to kill me
Track Name: snakeskin jacket
wrap me in your snakeskin jacket
i will sing elvis to you
symbols of your uncaged mind
set fires in mine and melts my shoes

i could be your sailor
you could be my lula
i could kill someone for you

in my dancin shoes

i could be your sailor
sail you thru the concrete
no storms will ever capsize you

in your dancin shoes
Track Name: low tide // biker bar [[fka FREE!]]
i am in flic ted with the in flec tion of the spok en word speak er speak ing your hair back all in my head with out ev i dence to show i paint my hands red i will turn turn turn my self in i will turn turn turn my self in i will turn turn turn my self in i will

i feel really cool when i wear this shirt
i feel better in a way when i can avert my eyes
but i still can't force myself to go outside
wearing a hole through my bed the size of my body longways

in long ways with lots of breaks i try to say:
"my back really hurts can i lay in the wake of your charm?
you can drag me at low tide through the sheets by my arms"


i am: Philomel over the PA in a biker bar
i am: Philomel over the PA in a biker bar
Track Name: buzzin
i taste your pollen all
around my house
it forces the bacteria
out my mouth

you're breeding new breeds of dragonfly
i'll keep the grass short, keep you alive

you are a new breed of dragonfly
you've got all of a hedgehog's spikes

nobody knows me there
nobody knows me there
nobody knows me there
nobody knows me there
nobody knows me here

flying through my head
buzzin in my brain
i say
sting me all day
Track Name: SLIDE
in this scene, it rains
all my sighs, they break
don't know if you're awake
or in a meditative state

i just hope you slide
to your next place in time

started drooling on the couch
i promise soon, you'll be outside
there'll be plenty rats and mice
you can bring to our bedsides

but still you sleep
in your meditative state
in dreams, you ran through grass
in dreams, we'll walk with you
Track Name: jimmie sings
Track Name: your finger, across the stars
i saw the madness sprawl
'round the tai chi in the park
'round the ripples of the stone, skipping
out to open water as it starts to get dark

i saw the madness spread
like poison in the fruit punch
watch the sugarcube dissipate
into the aging coffee
so bitter and dark

stars unclumping
burning towards the earth
landing in the ocean
cooling into dirt
Track Name: pure bubblegum
pure bubblegum. i rounded the corner: stunned. a cipher airtight, shut. but on your feet both the soles flap around. i could hear the sound on the carpeted linoleum ground. pure bubblegum. before you got chewed up. you're stuck to the bottom of my tongue, so stung, but when you're stuck you plug you up. i'm stung with a spike right through my lung. malleable. only molded out of quick successions of bites and pops and stretches. i know that you're tired and chewed but please, i know you wont lose that flavor you got drippin from your sleeves.
Track Name: ROOK
engrave the Doomsday hook into a space in you, unused. a buoy you can swim to. forget my nose my arms are in the book.


you floated here in the time it took me to sprint.
in print it reads as a reminder:

guided, Quest for Glory 5
in crayon, on scrap paper it thrives.
rendered by:
you and me (a child).